Lmao and plies reaches and touches it!
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Dropping worldwide April 1st.

Girl all you gotta do is divide 48 by four it’s literally the easiest part
I have learned 2 new things about myself

1. I hate the feeling of knowing that I am continuing my life day to day, when someone who was there yesterday isn’t there today.

2. I am emotionally fucked. I have convinced myself all of my life that I could control my emotions. I was basing that on me not crying over every little thing that has happened to me. But I found that I can’t find myself to cry over things that actually tear me apart. I just turn to stone. I can’t respond to the world, when mine is breaking down.

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A Kappa Man


And God said…..I’ll make me a man,
A man of Kourage, A man of Dignity,
A man who is able to become all that is said,
I’ll make him in the kolor of valor: Krimson Red
A man of Wisdom, A man with certain Gleam,
A man who is able to fulfill every woman’s dream,
I’ll make him in the Kolor of…

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Imma Be Lisa Bonet-ing over the summer if I get faux dreads

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"When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness." - Malcolm X (via amorestavivo)

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